Stunning yellow glass and Silver Plate

1930s Art Deco Tray Cruet Set.

H 3 . 1/2" x W 3 . 1/2"approx.

A Wonderful pair of Art Deco

Spelter Roman Gladiator Centurion Statues

on marble bass

 H 8 . 1/2" x  W 4 . 1/2" approx.

1950s Le Torri Italian blue and gold gilt

vase with relief detail

H 14 . 1/2" x W 7. 1/4" approx.

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 Murano Sommerso

Decanter red and blue glass

 heavy vase

H 10" x 1 /14" opening to top  approx.

1930s Cast Iron

'Shell' Inkwell Styled as a Crab

Beautiful Piece  

H 3 . 1/4" x L  9. 3/4"x W 7 . 1/4" approx.

Vintage handmade Italian Terracina shallow pots with cobalt blue paint work.

Impressed 'Handmade Terracina Frost Resistant'.

Beautiful decorative pieces for an indoor,

rustic look.

H 5 . 1/2"x W 11 . 3/4" approx.


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Stunning Edwardian green floral ceramic basin and pitcher

with matching soap dish and tumbler.

Beautiful pieces 


Bowl W 14.5in x H.5in
Pitcher H 11.5in x Opening 8in
Tumbler H 5.1/4in
Soap dish Diameter 5.1/2in



 Vintage and Interiors