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Matilda Miggins Splendid Soap


£4.95 per bar



Rich Shea Butter Body Bar soap, triple milled to produce a rich, creamy, longer-lasting lather. Gently cleanses normal skin.


100% vegetable base,  Matilda Miggins'

Luscious Lavender and Jazzy Jasmine soap helps to moisturise the skin to leave you with a fresh feel.

Made in England and hand boxed in the Cotswold.

Its vintage style packaging makes it a beautiful gift and it smells gorgeous too.

Get luscious with Lavender or jazzy with Jasmine!

Matilda Miggins vintage Jazzy Jasmine and Luscious Lavender soap

is based on the 1920s block bar soap. An era when cosmetic companies took great pride

in the feel and smell of their soap, which they advertised as making the user look

younger and beautiful.


Matilda Miggins don’t make such claims about our soap. What we do know is

that it is made with rich shea butter, vegetable and essential oils, is triple milled for

purity and has a gorgeous perfumed aroma. Add all these together and you have a

luxurious bar of soap that leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and smelling divine.

It has the added bonus of being suitable for vegetarians too.


Treat yourself to some indulgent luxury today!




Antiques, Vintage, Interiors